What is Premium Membership?

The Premium Memberships is a unique membership that players can join in DoubleU Casino. By becoming a Premium Member, you will be given special benefits exclusive for Premium Members!
Followings are benefits of Premium Membership:
  • Everyday special gift: Premium members are given special gifts once everyday.
  • Exclusive events for members:  Article about exclusive event comes up on DoubleU Daily every Monday, only seen by Premium members. Members can collect bonus chips by picking out 2 out of 4 platinum cards. All the premium members can participate in this event once in every week regardless of the number of packages they bought.
You can be automatically registered to this membership by purchasing at least one of chip packages over $39 USD. Each package allows different period according to the prices of packages members purchased. 

You can extend your membership period by purchasing additional packages.
If you want more specific information on Premium Membership ☜  please click this link. 

I can't send or collect gifts. Why?

There are two constraints in sending gift.

First, you can only send one gift in a day to each friend. Also, you can't send gift to your friend who have yet to collect the gift you send previously. If you want more information on these conditions and gifting, click here. In addition, your sending gifts sometimes don't arrive in your inbox, but it's caused by Facebook itself, which is beyond our control.
Your gifts don't disappear despite of  "An error has occurred. Please try again later"  message, disconnection, and freezing. The money is safely added to your chips balance and you'll see your balance increase when you log back.

I was disconnected during bonus round. Can I get my free spins back?

No you can’t. Connection lost can happen due to a number of factors such as unstable local internet, wireless LAN, duplicate login attempts, and many other factors.
If your game had just been stopped or stuck, it is strongly recommended that you change your web browser to Chrome, update the flash player into the latest version,  and clear your browser's cache and cookies. Please refer to the FAQ on how to clear the cache and cookies (click to learn more).
Also, insufficient memory capacity of your PC can be one of the reasons.
You can refer to the FAQ  about connection lost issue.
According to reimbursement policy stated in Terms of service , we're originally not responsible for loss or damage in chips due to connection lost.

Why do I have posting problems?

Posting issues can happen due to a number of factors. Some are beyond our control, some are not. Following are the factors. 

Following behaviors can lead to restrictions by Facebook.
• Restrictions by Facebook 
 - Too many shares of post in a short period of time
  - Excessive copy and paste, friend request, message, and the other request in a short period of time 
 - Inappropriate posts like pornography, spam, advertisement, and any other offense.
 - The other behaviors regulated by Facebook.
• Page view error: Sometimes you can't see your own posts on other user's wall, which is why you could misunderstand that your posts are not shared with them.
 Any other possible factors: Problems occurred by Facebook server, web browser, and any other reason.
Facebook doesn't inform you the exact period and reasons, and most of the restrictions are temporary. But, the period could be extended if you do inappropriate actions repeatedly. In this case, you'll definitely have trouble posting for a long time, or even be blocked permanently. In most cases, restrictions are temporary. Therefore, you should refrain from posting for the time being. But, if you have this problem consistently, you're strongly recommended to delete this app and re-sign in, and this will never influence your chip balance, experience level, mission badges, friends list, and any other status.

How do I add friends?

You can invite your friends to this casino by clicking "Invite Friend” button on the left side of game screen. You can find “Invite Friends” menu when you click gift box icon next to Help Center button as well. Also, you can be friends with random players by registering yourself into “Friend Me” and post your profile. If you want more details on our friend system, please click here.

How do I collect gifts?

You can collect gift by clicking "Collect All" or "Accept" button in your gift Inbox. "Collect All" button allows you to collect all the gifts in your inbox, and "Accept" button allows you collect just one of your gifts on the left of it.  This inbox pops up on the middle of game screen very frequently, and you can also open gift Inbox by clicking "Show inbox" icon at the bottom of game screen. If you want more details on our gift system, please click here.

How do I remove this app?

Firstly, go to your Facebook home page and check the list of apps on the left column. Then, click the pencil icon on the left of "DoubleU Casino", and click "remove app". Secondly, please click "Home" button on the top right of your home page, and click reverse triangle icon, then click "account setting". Then click "apps" on the left column, next, click edit on the right of "DoubleU Casino", and then click "remove apps". In addition, clicking "removing DoubleU Casino" on posts from this app is another way.

I lost my gift because of disconnection and freezing. Can I get it back?

You can collect gift by "Collect all" or " Accept" button. In normal cases, the money is added to your chip balance right after you collected gifts with an animation beneath your chips account. But, if your game screen is disconnected or frozen, collected money is automatically added to your account without animation. In other words, there is no loss of gift or collected money. Therefore you will see your chip balance is increased by the amount of gift money you collected before.

Why can't I collect chips from bonus event link?
There are several reasons for this problem. In most cases, you probably clicked expired event bonus link or already collected bonus from it. You could misunderstand that you didn't get bonus money from it, because same kind of events are sometimes posted on DoubleU Casino's fan page in a short interval, which probably confused you.

Most importantly, despite of disconnection, freezing, while you're moving to DoubleU app site or in the middle of bonus game, you don't lose the bonus. If you go back to game again, bonus game will pop up again and you will get bonus successfully. If you want more information on DoubleU's bonus event, please click here.

Can I give my chips to friends?

You can't give your own chips to your friends directly. Instead, you can send bonus gifts to your friends, and also accept gifts from your friends. In addtion, you can share bonus post on wall of your friends.  If you want more infomation on DoubleU Casino's gifting system, please click here.

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